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About Us

by Team rematch

Welcome to rematch

Welcome to Rematch, where we believe in second chances and rewriting love stories. At Rematch, we acknowledge the challenges of difficult marriages or relationships, and we are here to offer unwavering support throughout your journey. Rematch is built on compassion and understanding, as we actively recognize and cater to the unique needs of those who have experienced relationship hardships. We provide a haven for individuals seeking a fresh start, where genuine connections, personal growth, and healing take center stage. 


We are more than just a dating app. Rematch is also a socially responsible and sustainable venture owned and operated by Sociable Tech Ventures Ltd. Our team of experts brings over 50 years of experience in business strategy, IT, quality assurance, finance, digital marketing, and product creation to the table, ensuring that our platform is always at the forefront of innovation with regards to the user experience. 


Guiding Principles


Users on Rematch can answer prompts and annotate their photographs which will let you portray your personality, likes and dislikes. Ultimately, it's the character that matters!


The objective of Rematch is to provide a safe and supportive platform for individuals who have experienced challenges in their past relationships. We understand the courage it takes to move forward, and we are dedicated to guiding our users to find inner peace, happiness and true love.


Finding an ideal match, primarily through the online medium, might be challenging. Rematch has features like relationship funnel, difficult questions and message assist, which will help you find your best match for life.


Through our free profile-building feature, users can explore and discover compatible matches and take the next step towards a serious and meaningful relationship with the option for a subscription. Our price promise is, "it's free until we find you a match."

Our Vision

Rematch envisions a world where individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life come together to find love and happiness, regardless of their past experiences. The primary goal is to impact the lives of at least one million individuals positively. 


Our Mission

On Rematch, we aim to provide a specialised and inclusive platform for individuals seeking to start a new chapter after experiencing a difficult marriage or challenging relationship. We specifically cater to the needs of divorced, separated, widowed, pride community and other marginalised groups in India. Our mission is to help our users rebuild their relationships while maintaining our core values of privacy, security, and support. 

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