Rematch is designed for those who are in search of serious, lifelong relationships. We have leveled up from the ordinary casual dating and traditional matrimony concept. A customized matchmaking concept meant for those who wish to experience real love, and companionship without the barriers of caste, religion, social taboos, etc. We invite you to experience Rematch, undertake innovative psychometric algorithms and ML-based matchmaking finds, and walk through our one-of-a-kind "Relationship Funnel" that is carved to bring together the right people naturally, safely, and confidently.

Simply put- anyone and everyone! Yes, we have covered all eager to enjoy real matchmaking for a lifetime. Whether you are new to marriage or a late single or had a live-in relationship, you want to hop into the next stage, we have something for you.

Rematch works through a well-researched AI matchmaking algorithm. Based on a detailed structured survey taken from the user, we bring in just the most appropriate matches to your feed. For our Subscribers, we highlight, help you break the ice, and funnel the likes, interests, red flags, chats, and guide you within our Rematch App. This way you know whether the person is compatible with you in terms of life goals, interests, sexual preferences, children, finances, family, etc. Your information is not on sale here. We do not bombard your page with many matches, but just the best 100 % verified ones, as we prefer quality over quantity. Our efforts have been driven to add meaning to your life - making us The Best Matchmaking App for Indians worldwide.

No, Rematch is not only for people looking to remarry. Anyone who seeks a trustworthy, long-term relationship, whether they have had a failed first relationship or not - we cater to them. We understand that not everyone is looking for matrimony, so we give you the freedom to choose the relationship type that suits you best - whether it is marriage, common-in-law (live-in), or just companionship. We believe in supporting our users in finding the right match for them, no matter what type of relationship they are looking for.

Yes, of course! You can use Rematch if you are not looking to remarry soon. We understand that people need time to heal and move forward after a failed relationship, and that is perfectly okay. Take your time, know the person well. However, people come here seeking long-term mature relationships and not fun-based casual dating. Our blogs are a fine guide to help you handle your emotional baggage and know how to matchmake with the Next Best Moment in life at ease. Finding the right partner is not a one-day or one-week process - it is a journey that requires commitment and patience. So, why not start early and see if your life partner might already be waiting for you in Rematch?

At Rematch, we are all about helping people find the right match for a long-term relationship. To ensure the quality of our matches, we use a combination of advanced technology and human expertise. First, Through AI and ML-based algorithms, the psychometric evaluations are taken from the user. Second, only 100% verified and genuine people are allowed to subscribe and be part of Rematch community. Third, we have introduced the first of its kind - The Relationship Funnel - that monitors your choices, guides your conversations, points out what would be the best match for you - via our algorithm reports. Sound Cool, huh? It is result-proven! We promise to find the person who loves you - as you are for real.

Rematch is meant for every Indian Worldwide, and so you do not have to be physically in India, to get your best Rematch. So, do not worry if you are not in India, you can still use Rematch to find true love!

Yes, it is free in the first phase of Matchmaking. We have uniquely created the "Price Promise" whereby you need to subscribe and pay only when you have chosen a partner of your choice from the Rematch App. Unlike normal matrimonial websites, we do not burden you in this regard. You can sign up for free, fill in the psychometric questionnaire, go through the most fit social profiles that we list out and send one ice breaker message. You can use all our services for free, until you feel - a certain person is great to know and connect with further. So, why not try Rematch for free? You never know- when and where you will meet true love here.

If you are an Indian or a person of Indian ethnic origin looking for a long-term relationship, no matter where you are, we got you covered! Rematch is designed specifically for Indians across the globe. So do not hesitate to give us a shot and see how we can help you find one.

Rematch is currently available on Android but do not worry, the iOS version will be coming soon. We are still in the early stages and working hard to make sure our app meets everyone's needs. So, hang in there and keep an eye out for the iOS release!

Rematch handles the privacy and security of its users very judiciously. Rematch has more security standards and compliance certifications than any other offering, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, Fed ramp, GDPR, FIPS 140-2, and NIST 800-171, helping customers satisfy compliance requirements for every regulatory agency around the globe. Rematch uses AWS-controlled systems to ensure the safety of your information. We do not store any of your banking information, apart from your subscription status. The Best Reality at Rematch: You choose who sees your personal information, and at which stage of the relationship. So, Your Privacy is taken care of well at Rematch. We are here to make lives better for a lifetime.

Our goal is to give you a seamless experience, but if you do run into any issues, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email or chat support. We are always here to help! Rematch is here to make your journey of finding your true-life partner as easy and smooth as possible using all the high-impact online platform services you need.

Yeah, Rematch is meant to bring true love to your life. We bring forward the most eligible partners based on your psychometric answers and preferences mentioned. We guide, and help you choose. However, at the end of the day, it is all up to you to decide who is the right match. We provide the platform and the matches, but it is your communication and interaction that will lead you to find the spark. So, do not be shy, interact with as many profiles as possible! Good luck! We are there with you, throughout the process.

Yes. You can chat with matches on Rematch. Once your profile is verified, you can chat to know them initially. To chat with more matches and send multiple messages, you must opt for our Subscription plan. This just shows that you are committed and serious about finding a long-term relationship.

Yes, Rematch does offer premium features. But here is the thing, all our features are open to all, and we have one single pricing for everyone. We like to keep things simple. Our aim is NOT to upsell more features for money but rather to encourage users to chat and spend more time with potential matches so that they can find a life partner faster.

The security of your personal information is our top priority. All the necessary measures are in place to keep your data secure. Your personal information is only shared with others on a "need-to-know" basis and following our privacy policy. We do not sell or share your user information with any third party for financial gain. Your privacy is important to us.

Rematch uses advanced AI algorithms, Machine learning, Psychometric match-making algorithms, and data science to find compatible matches based on your profile, preferences, and interests. You can fine-tune your 'partner preference' criteria, so you see profiles that match what you are looking for. Our communication tools help you to know each other before deciding to take things to the next level. Overall, we strive to make your journey to finding love as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

Yes, your safety and comfort are our top priority! If you encounter any abusive or inappropriate behavior from other users, you can easily block them in the chat window. If you want to bring it to our attention, we have a "report" feature that you can use to flag the user. We will start an immediate investigation and take the necessary action to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all users.

If you have been looking for a dating or matrimony app for a long-term relationship, then give Rematch a try! We are highly affordable as our Price Promise ensures that you pay when you are ONLY convinced - that you found a prospective match. That is a huge meaningful change, right? Next, the whole Rematch love and matchmaking journey is smooth, protected, researched, and well guided by our algorithm. No false profiles, just genuine people at various stages of loneliness, wanting a special person by their side. Last, even after you Subscribe - you decide who gets to see your personal data, preferences, etc. So, it is your take and so much more unique and result-driven than any matrimonial or dating app you have ever come across, Try, and experience love for a lifetime.

At Rematch, we respect and value diversity in all forms and we cater to users from all walks of life and backgrounds. Whether it is religion, culture, or anything else, we believe in providing a safe and inclusive platform for all our users to find their perfect match. So, you can choose to include or exclude religion as a preference, it is completely up to you!

Definitely! Kids are precious and we understand that they play a key role in your life. That is why we have included the option to mention the age and gender of your kids in your profile, so you can search for partners who are okay with dating someone with children. And we take your kids' data privacy very seriously, so we only capture the minimum information necessary - just their age and gender. You can also search for partners who have or do not have kids based on your preferences.

Yes, of course you can! When you first sign up for Rematch, you will have the option to specify your preferences for matches. This way, we can make sure to show you profiles that align with what you are looking for. And if you ever change your mind or want to update your preferences, no problem! You can always edit your preferences from your profile editing options.

At Rematch, we use a combination of methods to ensure the authenticity of the profiles. Firstly, we have an image verification process where we check that everyone is using their own photos and not AI-generated ones or even any other images, so you know who you are talking to. Secondly, we ask all our users to verify their identity using a government-issued ID like an Aadhaar card, Passport, or Driving license. This adds an extra layer of security and helps us keep the platform safe for everyone. Finally, we restrict casual users from chatting to ensure that only serious users who are looking for a life partner are on the platform. Hope this helps!

We have a super-protected verification process in place. We use a combination of image verification and government ID verification to ensure that everyone on the platform is using their real photos and identity. Plus, we restrict casual users from chatting to avoid wasting time with users who are seriously looking for a life partner. So, you can feel confident and secure when using Rematch!

Yes, your chats on Rematch are kept private and secure. No one else will be able to see your conversations with your matches. We have a one-on-one chat setup for every interaction with a match. When someone interacts with your profile for the first time, that interaction is created as a new chat instance. You will be able to see it in your chat session and no one else will be able to see your chats with that person. We keep your conversations confidential and make sure your relationship level is private.

Download the Rematch app from the Play Store or Apple Store. You can sign up through the manual process by validating your phone number and email. It might take you about 15-20 minutes to create the perfect profile, but our research has proven that this small investment of time can pay off in big ways in finding your lifetime happiness. Once your account is verified, then you are good to go for the next phase of partner search. Make sure to make your profile complete and true to who you are. To ensure your safety, we recommend you verify your identity and subscribe to make your matches know that you are serious and genuine. Good luck with your search on Rematch!

Yes, creating an account on Rematch is completely free! You can sign up with Facebook or manually validate your phone number and email to set up your account. It might take about 15-20 minutes to complete your profile, but it will be worth it for the chance to find a lifetime of happiness. Once you have created your profile, you can verify your identity for added security, and subscribe to start your journey to finding your life partner.

When you sign up, we will ask for some basic information and a few personal details to help us match you with the right people and to exchange as your relationship progresses. But do not worry, your personal information is kept safe with us, and we only use it to find you the best match. You get to decide what and who to share your information with, and we only capture data that is relevant to finding the right match and building a successful relationship. Rest assured, your privacy and security are of utmost importance to us, and we take it very seriously.

Yeah, sure! You can create an account on Rematch using your Google account. Take your time to select your best pictures and describe yourself – so that your potential partners understand you better. This way, you can present a well-rounded profile to your matches.

To edit your profile on Rematch, simply click on your profile photo icon on the top left corner to open the menu, then select the profile edit option. From there, you can easily update your profile information, photos, preferences, and more. Just keep in mind that some basic details like your name and age cannot be changed.

Absolutely! You can change your profile pictures on Rematch anytime. All you need to do is click on the top left corner of the app to view your profile options. From there, you can select the profile section you want to edit and update your pictures as you see fit. Update with high-quality photos, avoid group photos with people, other figures, or pets. You can also link your Facebook or Instagram account to get pictures from your social media account as well.

To add or change information on your profile on Rematch, click on your profile picture icon on the top left corner to open the menu. Click on the "Complete Profile" button. You will be able to add or change information in different sections, such as Photos, education, occupation, interests, and more. After making the changes, be sure to click on the "Next" button to update your profile. Always keep your profile information accurate and up to date to improve your chances of finding the right match. Good luck!

To deactivate your account on Rematch, first click on the profile icon located in the top left corner to open the menu. Go to the "My Account" tab and click on "Deactivate account". Use this feature once you have identified and finalized your partner, or when you want to remove your personal data from the service. However, even after deactivating your account, you can still use the blogs and community content to enrich your new relationship. Please note: if you deactivate your account, your payment history will be removed as well, so if in case you want to reinstate your account, payment information will not be retrievable. You will have to use the service as a new customer once again.

In Rematch, we understand that privacy is important to you, and we make sure to keep your personal information safe. You do not need to hide information, as we only share your data on a need-to-know basis. Here, you choose who sees your details and when they should see them. That is secure, right? When it comes to finding your match, we only show a limited amount of information, including two additional photos, gender, age, height, religion, education, and professional details. Other details are only shared if you have provided them in the "Profile Answers" section.

Yes, you can block users on Rematch if you want to stop communicating with them for any reason. To block a user, simply open the chat window of the user you want to block, click on the three dots icon on the top right corner of the screen, and select the "Block" option. Once you block a user, they will not be able to message you or view your profile.

If you ever find a user behaving inappropriately on Rematch, you can report them to us. It is important to maintain a respectful and safe environment for everyone. To report to a user, open the chat window of the user you want to report to and click on the three dots icon on the top right corner of the screen. From there, select "Report" and follow the instructions on the screen. We take all reports seriously and will take appropriate action.

Yes, you can change your location on Rematch. Just click on the "Complete Profile" button and go to the "Basic Profile Information" section, where you can edit your current location. It's important to keep your location updated so that you can find matches in your preferred area. Good luck!

If you are looking to update your payment information on Rematch, you can rest easy. We do not save your financial information, so once your payment is complete, the only information we save is your payment confirmation and subscription details. This means that you do not need to worry about updating any payment information with us - we will not have any information to update! If you have any questions or concerns about your payment or subscription, feel free to reach out to our customer support team and they will be happy to help you out.

If you are looking to cancel your subscription on Rematch, there is no need to do so separately. Your subscription will be automatically canceled when you deactivate your account. Please note that once you deactivate your account, it cannot be retrieved, so be sure that is what you want to do before proceeding. Also, please remember that the payment for Rematch is a one-time payment with a 1-year duration, and there is no prorated refund available.

To use Rematch, you need to provide a minimum number of photos. But do not worry, all your critical information and photos are kept secure, and you have full control over it. We understand that you may be concerned about your privacy, but it is important for others to see that there is a real person behind the profile too. So, be sure to select a few great photos to show off your personality and let your matches get to know you better. Good luck!

Having a complete profile on Rematch is incredibly important if you are serious about finding a meaningful and serious relationship. Your profile is essentially your personal advertisement, and it is the first thing potential matches will see when they come across your account. By completing your profile and providing as much information as possible about yourself, your interests, and your preferences, you increase your chances of finding someone truly compatible with you. It also helps to ensure that you are not wasting time talking to people who are not a good match for you. So, we highly recommend taking the time to fill out your profile as completely as possible. The more information you provide, the better your chances of finding the right match for you. Good luck!

At present, we have given the option to only connect and share photos by uploading directly on the app. Further on, to open an option to link your profile to your personal social media profile. We will update this in a short while.

If you want to make sure your profile is not visible to certain users on Rematch, unfortunately, there is no option for that. However, you can block or report a user if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe interacting with them. Remember, your safety and comfort are our top priority, so do not hesitate to act if needed. Additionally, keep in mind that we only show limited personal information to other users, so your privacy is always protected to the best of our ability.

If your profile is reported on Rematch, here is what you can expect: 1) If it is the first time your profile has been reported, there is no need to worry. Your account will continue to function normally. However, we will review and investigate the report and take any necessary actions. 2) If multiple users report your profile, your account will be suspended immediately. We will investigate the matter and take appropriate action based on our findings. 3) If you are a paid user and your account has to be removed due to violations of our policies, unfortunately, we cannot provide a refund. So, we encourage all users to follow our community guidelines to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone on Rematch.

No, the user is not supposed to create multiple accounts on Rematch. Each account is verified against government IDs to ensure that your profile is genuine, and creating multiple accounts is against our terms of service. Instead, we recommend making sure that your profile is complete with all the information so that potential matches can find you more easily. Hope that helps!.