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About Us

We firmly believe that difficult pasts should not hinder the possibility of finding an ideal companion. With our advanced psychometric analysis and powerful machine learning, we’re here to connect you with someone who truly understands and values your unique journey. Embrace the opportunity to rewrite your love story and find happiness again with Rematch, the ultimate matchmaking app for those looking for a fresh start.

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Difficult Questions

Knowing your partner well is vital for a great relationship. Rematch allows you and your ultimate match to discuss previously answered difficult questions, such as financial status, health, and intimate details. The more you understand each other, the stronger your relationship can be.

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Relationship Health Check

Rematch offers a “relationship health check” tool to help users affirm their decision in choosing a life partner. It also serves as a guide for those uncertain about which match to choose, aiding them in finding their ideal partner.

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Message Assist

Experience enhanced conversations with Message Assist on Rematch. Get helpful message suggestions, ensuring engaging interactions and making the most of your connections. Enjoy seamless communication with potential matches.

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Special Features

Relationship Funnel

Rematch has a special feature called the Relationship Funnel that guides users through different stages of relationships. From the initial “Social Butterfly” phase to the “Engagement Ring,” Relationship Funnel provides a structured approach to finding your ultimate partner. It empowers our users to take their time, explore connections, and ultimately find a fulfilling and lasting relationship.


We use Image recognition tools and ID verification to vet the profiles on our platforms.


By leveraging the power of AI and ML, Rematch collects your personality traits and perceptions about your potential partner’s persona to build a better love algorithm.