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Second Marriage: Life is too short to live it alone; embrace connection, love, and shared experiences

by Ambareesh
Second marriage: Embracing love and companionship because life is too short to live it alone

Dear readers, 

I want to share with you the story of my Amma’s second marriage. It was a journey that was filled with hopelessness, rejection, and eventually, a beautiful union. 

My Amma, Renuka, was a victim of domestic violence in her first marriage. I was just a young girl at the time, and it was hard for me to see my mother suffer through it all. But she stayed strong and eventually decided to leave my father. It was not an easy decision, and many people in our community blamed her for “breaking” her marriage. However, I was proud of my mother for taking control of her life and putting herself first. 

Years passed, and I could see that my Amma was lonely. She never talked about it, but I could see it in her eyes. I tried to talk to her about it, but she was too shy and scared because of her age. So, I took it upon myself to find her a match through an online matchmaking app. I even did her makeup for her first date! 

Unfortunately, the first date didn’t go well. My Amma was sad and hopeless, and I could see that she was ready to give up. But I was not ready to give up on her. I made her understand that rejections are normal and asked her to try again and again until she feels loved. 

One day, as they were sitting together, Amma started to tell me about Thomas. She told me about how he was also divorced and had gone through similar struggles as her. How they had talked for hours on the phone, and he had made her feel alive again. I could see the smile on her face and the twinkle in her eyes as she talked about him. 

I felt a rush of emotions as I saw my mother so happy after so many years. I was so happy for her, but at the same time, I couldn’t help feeling a little scared. What if it didn’t work out? What if she got hurt again? But I knew I had to let her take this chance. She deserved to be happy. 

As Amma and Thomas continued to date, I could see their bond growing stronger with each passing day. Thomas had become like a father to me and had protected me and loved me like his own daughter. And I knew that this was the person my mother was meant to be with. 

When they finally decided to get married, I was overjoyed. I helped Amma pick out her wedding dress and did her makeup for the big day. As I stood next to her at the altar, I knew that this was the beginning of a new and beautiful journey for both of them. 

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In Indian society, second marriages are often viewed with suspicion and judgment. But I realized that love has no age or number. It’s never too late to find happiness and companionship. And if we open our hearts and minds, we can find love again, no matter how many times life has knocked us down. 

I know that second marriages are viewed differently in Indian society. People often frown upon it, and many see it as a sign of failure. But I want to tell you that second marriages can be beautiful too. My Amma’s second marriage was proof of that. It was a journey filled with hope, love, and happiness 

Through Amma’s journey, I learned that love could heal even the deepest wounds and that it’s never too late to start again. So, if you are someone who is contemplating a second marriage, don’t be afraid. Take that leap of faith and find someone who will love and cherish you. Life is too short to live it alone. 

A Happy Family

“In second marriages, we have the wisdom to mend the broken pieces, the strength to rebuild with purpose, and the grace to love again, creating a new chapter of shared happiness and resilience.” Unknown


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