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Rematch App: Connecting Divorcees for Meaningful Matches on Mobile UI

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There is no pressure to get married at the” right” age; it is when you find the “right” one. Introducing Rematch, a mobile app designed for individuals who have overcome challenging relationship experiences and are now actively seeking genuine love and companionship. 

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Rematch Key Benefits

Difficult Questions Made Easier: Foster Deeper Connections - Relationship Health Check Feature

Magic matching

Rematch is created to promote conversation among prospects as it is a communication-oriented matchmaking system. Rematch uses Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning that guides you to find a perfect match by continuously monitoring the prospects' behavior digitally. Finding the 'one' is always easier if you know what to look for.

Relationship Funnel: Nurturing Connections from Acquaintances to Soulmates

Relationship funnel

Rematch has a special feature called the Relationship Funnel that guides users through different stages of relationships. From the initial "Social Butterfly" phase to the "Engagement Ring," Relationship Funnel provides a structured approach to finding your ultimate partner. It empowers our users to take their time, explore connections, and ultimately find a fulfilling and lasting relationship.

Message assist

Message Assist is a remarkable feature designed to enhance your conversation experience on Rematch. With Message Assist, you'll never run out of things to say or worry about missing important information. This innovative tool provides helpful message suggestions, ensuring smooth and engaging conversations with your potential matches.

Anti catfishing

We use Image recognition tools and ID verification to vet the profiles on our platforms

Relationship health check

NLP-based psychometric analysis that will help you to improve your matching compatibility .

AI and ML enabled matchmaking

By leveraging the power of AI and ML, Rematch collects your personality traits and perceptions about your potential partner’s persona to build a better love algorithm.


Rematch App

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