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Going Solo: Single Parenting and its Effects on Children​

by Ambareesh
Going solo: Navigating the journey of single parenting with strength and resilience

Being a single parent is quite troublesome in a world that considers a father, mother, and children a happy family. Although Indian society is slowly accepting the idea of single parenting, do they have enough support from the family and the community? A mother or a father takes up the role of being a single mom or single dad for various reasons, including separation, divorce, or the spouse’s death. Single parents go through many challenges, and so do their children.   

 Raising a child alone is not an easy feat and deserves excellent appreciation. If you are a single parent and feeling low today, you are in the right place. Let us now discuss the effects of single parenting on children and some uplifting movies on single parenthood.   

Effects of single parenting on children  

Earlier single parenting was considered depressing and negative. However, the presumption about single parenting is changing positively. The effect of single parenting could be different for different children. For some, it could be refreshing; for some, it might be difficult. When it comes to parenting solo, it is a tricky road for parents. If you are a single parent or planning to get divorced, making sure your child feels safe and essential is vital. We all know that single parenting positively and negatively impacts children.   

 Let us now look at some positive effects of single parenting. And tribe, remember we are doing our best and will get through this.   

Children become responsible   

Being the only earners in the family, single parents often go through many financial difficulties. By seeing their mom or dad trying to make ends meet, children would develop a sense of responsibility and try to help their parents, and This will also help to strengthen the bond between the single mom or dad and children.   

Feeling of happiness   

If you and your partner used to have constant open fights, your child must be witnessing and exhausted. Your child must be happy with the rows ending, and peace prevails in the house. However, try to maintain a cordial relationship with the other parents, which will help the children to develop a sense of belonging.   


Seeing their parents work hard makes children feel like they are helping them out. Also, children will learn to manage their problems and difficulties in their life. If they have seen the struggles and understood what is good and what not, shared responsibilities, even helped their parents through the tough times, understood priorities, and trust me, they will be wonderful human beings. 

Movies that show single parenting  

Over the years, some incredible movies have portrayed single parenting and its challenges. Here is a list of some fantastic films celebrating single moms and dads.

  • Fatherhood    

Fatherhood (2021) revolves around the father-daughter duo. Father (Kevin Hart) had to take up the challenge of raising his daughter alone after the death of his wife. The movie is about a single father and the challenges of raising a daughter without a partner.   

  • Udaharanam Sujatha   

Udaharanam Sujatha portrays the struggles of a single mother, who is a maid, and her wish to educate her daughter. This movie shows the continuing challenges of a single mom who is also an impoverished parent.   

  • Piku    

 Piku is an excellent movie that revolves around a father and daughter. Piku is about the importance of relationships and the responsibilities of a daughter.  

To have a broader understanding of single parenting, consider watching some further films (Article by Salva Mubarak): Click here to access the article.

  • Paa    

 Paa is such an emotional movie where you cannot stop crying. The movie focus on single mother Vidya Balan, who brings up her child (Amitabh Bachchan), who suffered from an aging disorder, all alone when his biological father (Abhishek Bachchan) suggests abortion.

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